Of The Autumn EP

by Broken Marionettes

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'Of The Autumn' is the latest EP by Broken Marionettes. The songs were written & recorded between September 2011 and August 2012.


released September 9, 2012

Broken Marionettes are Hedley Jackson & James Coburn

All songs written, performed and produced by James Coburn

Executive Producer: Hedley Jackson



all rights reserved


Broken Marionettes Surrey, UK

Broken Marionettes is an alternative-folk duo formed in 2010 by Hedley Jackson and James Coburn.

Every song was recorded in either a bedroom or a living-room using 1 or 2 microphones, a few guitars, a lot coffee, and a pocketful of dreams.
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Track Name: Indigo

Born of the autumn; bereft
of the avenue breeze that hangs in her breath.
With wintery eyes and tired desire,
she riddled her words, and then left.

I kept her words to myself,
and in winter I sold them to somebody else.
With shadowy eyes, an empty disguise,
I riddled her words, and she laughed.

Indigo, wait for me.

Ignoring the morning’s first breath,
and dreaming so loosely of anyone met
with Indigo eyes, unwelcome goodbyes,
they riddled her words, and she wept.

Daylight disturbing her rest,
and the Havisham breeze that haunts in her steps.
With wintery eyes, it is colder inside,
and no riddles for comfort; bereft.

Indigo, wait for me.
Track Name: Empty Streets
Empty Streets

She doesn’t hear me,
with the engine so loud.
I’m looking out on quiet streets,
and the roads are all empty now.

She won’t apologise for this;
she won’t ask you for your sympathy.

She doesn’t see me,
my complexion so plain.
She doesn’t need protection;
to her, affection will feel the same.

She won’t empathise enough
to make me feel any younger than I was;
to make me believe in love.
Track Name: Over

So now it is dawn,
I see you falling in your dream.
Conversation through the storm,
speaking softly as you sleep.

And now I know it’s over.

Keep a fire in your soul,
to burn whoever you desire.
And burn my words, but do it slowly,
to save the ones that you admire.

Sleeping through the summer months;
needing silence, needing peace.
A few more days and we’ll be gone,
a few more hours left to breath.

And now I know it’s over.

So now it is dawn,
I hear you screaming in your sleep.
Conversation in the morning,
speaking softly as we dream.

And now I know it’s over.
Track Name: Arboretum

Twilight, I’m under her skin;
delicately shaped, delicately thin.
Her blackened eyes are wasted on him.
Aimless, I wait in the Arboretum.

Moonlight, she’s under my skin;
I selfishly ache, selfishly sick.
Her stained glass eyes are closing for him;
careless embrace, careless within.

I wanted you as you were;
as you are, I still do...
I still do.

Midnight, I’m losing my breath;
a dangerous expense, dangerously spent.
Her dusky eyes, unimaginable depth.
Falling into this, falling into them.

Sunlight, I’m under her skin.
Delicate, she aches; so delicately thin.
Her blackened eyes are wasted on this,
hopelessly lost in the Arboretum.

I wanted you as you were;
as you are, I still do...
I still do.